Specialty Pharmacy Services

We offer comprehensive clinical and
reimbursement services.

Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy

Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy seeks to create a better model of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions through our unique Therapeutic Resource Centers. Our patient care teams are staffed by pharmacists, registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, patient care representatives, and reimbursement specialists—each with therapy-specific training for a focused level of service. Customized to patient’s individual therapeutic needs, our therapy management program covers the spectrum of care—from proactive monitoring of therapy to counseling you on effectively managing side effects.

Our team has the experience our providers seek in treating the needs for our chronic patients. We help patients determine their insurance coverage, give them information about treatment options, and provide in-office infusions at three locations throughout South Florida.

We offer comprehensive clinical and reimbursement services.

Prior Authorization Determination

Convenient Delivery:

Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy offers delivery and mail service directly to the patient’s home or physician’s office at no additional cost.

Clinical Counseling and Support:

Our pharmacists and registered nurses educate new patients on how to administer their medications, possible side effects and proper storage. They also provide ongoing support and adherence checks to assure patients are responding well to treatments and are compliant with therapy.

Patient-Specific Billing Program:

Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy will work with your third party and obtain prior authorizations when needed. We will also work with patient assistance programs and other resources to assist patients in starting their therapies as well as continue on without interruptions.

Injection Training:

If a therapy requires injection, our team will provide teaching and training on administration.

Refill Reminders:

Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy know the importance of good adherence to achieve positive outcomes for therapy. For this reason we provide ongoing refill reminders to make sure you stay on track with your therapy.

In-Office Infusion:

If a patient would benefit from infusions, Gastro Health Specialty Pharmacy works with the infusion department and will assist in coordination of details.